Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Fuck’s Sunday sermon

Canadian electromentalists Holy Fuck deliver the gospel according to Brian (Borcherdt that is) at the Birmingham Academy 2 on Sunday 21st November. I had the great pleasure of experiencing da ‘Fuck back in 2007 and remember marvelling at the car boot sale collection of keyboards and other bits of random kit that they used to shape their progtastic vision of Krautrock tinged sonic insanity. Since then they’ve evolved their sound somewhat with recent album Latin delivering a cleaner, more polished Fuck than we’re used to (cop a load of the cat video to see what I mean). I’m guessing that the live show will be just as bonkers as ever though...if it makes a noise you can bet Holy Fuck will plug it in and beat the bejesus out of it. Brilliant.

Tickets available right now from our good friends at Birmingham Promoters.

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