Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ou Est Le Point?

Just read the news that Charlie Haddon, lead singer with up and coming indie synth combo Ou Est La Swimming pool, committed suicide shortly after playing a set at a Belgian music festival. He was just 22. I was lucky enough to see the band play at The Great Escape in 2009 and was looking forward to seeing them again on their headlining tour this October. I wouldn't like to second guess at the mental anguish that drove someone to plunge to their death from the top of a telcommunications tower but this is the second time recently I've been shocked at the suicide of someone in a band who seemed to have so much going for them. Just a few months ago Sam Maritza from China Red (who I was looking forward to seeing but sadly never got the chance) took her own life at a similar age to Charlie. There is, of course, sadly nothing new about suicide and I'm not suggesting that we're on the verge of an epidemic but it seems to me that the pressure on young people in particular these days is pretty savage. Aside from the prospect of having to live with your mum and dad forever 'cos you can't afford to move out and working until you're 105 because the previous generation has well and truly fucked up the economy you're bombarded 24/7 with meaningless celebrity culture, soulless chart pap pumped out on a production line and a feeling (perpetuated by Twitter, Facebook et al) that everyone else is having a better time than you. Like I say, it's not my place to speculate on what drove Sam and Charlie to such sad endings when their lives had barely begun but my condolences go out to all those they've left behind. RIP.

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