Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fix it...for Fix Monday

Fix Monday, a local (that's local to me here in Birmingham, if you're reading this in Kuala Lumper you're unlikely to bump into them in the shops) band that's cheered me up no end on more than one occasion with their positive and upbeat live shows are splitting up. Boo! But before they pack it all in they've entered a competition to win a recording session at Abbey Road, fulfilling their lifetime ambition to record an album. And who am I to piss on their chips eh? It's one of those vote for your favorite video jobbies run by a fizzy drinks company that I won't advertise here (unless they send me a lifetime's which case I'm happy to whore myself to oblivion). Click here and...wait for it...'fix' it for them. Ho ho ho. I think I could get a job on the local news...

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