Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scary Mansion – Make Me Cry

Now there’s an album title...Make Me Cry. ..intuition tells me it’s not going to be a laugh a minute. If you’re a fan of Cat Powers though (as I am) there’s plenty to like about Scary Mansion’s new one. Fronted by fragile voiced chanteuse Leah Hayes it makes great use of the quiet / loud approach to music (gentle intro’s to songs that give way to thundering great rock outs – take ‘One Percent’ for instance). At 30 minutes it’s short and (bitter) sweet but, thanks to some sensitive instrumentation (they even use something called a ‘thunderstick’ - some kind of traditional American instrument) and Leah’s ethereal vocals it quickly pulls you in. Repeated listens prove it to be what they call a real grower too...

Make Me Cry’s out on March 1st on Talitres Records (free box of tissues with every copy...possibly).

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