Friday, February 05, 2010

Ding dong...Chapel Club hit The Flapper

Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Official Video) from Chapel Club on Vimeo.

Hotly tipped Smith's revivalists (actually that's a little unfair...although I daresay they're not too pissed off with the comparison) Chapel Club play The Flapper on Saturday 13th February. Get down there and who knows, you might find someone to 'cop off' with and/or grope on Valentines day. Then again that's not really in the spirit of Chapel Club's sound is it? You're better off just lurking at the back writing some poetry, mopping your brow with a silk hankie and sipping a light sherry (can you get a dark sherry? Buggered if I know...lighter fuel's more my tipple these days) . It'll be interesting to see how the 'Club go down this year. They have indie stardom written all over 'em and I wouldn't be surprised to see a thousand angsty teenage boys and girls swooning at their feet in a few months time. Get in before the crowds and you can be one of those boring fuckers (that'll be me then) who bangs on about seeing them 'before they sold out'.

Next week also sees the Vampire Weekend gig at the Academy of course. I'm holding out for a Gig Junkies reviewer's slot but, failing that, I'm digging a tunnel from Baron Towers right into the Academy toilets (trap 3). What could possibly go wrong eh?

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