Saturday, January 02, 2010

Top Tracks # 12 - Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy

Happy New Year and all that jazz. Proof, once more, that I have my finger on the pulse of the latest sounds lets kick off 2010 with a track that dates all the way back to 1983 (I think…), although this version, the US Remix is from 1985 (right up to date there grandpa). There’s some kind of method to my madness. I spent New Year’s Eve at a house party and bumped into a lovely chap who seemingly programmed the drums on the original release. For some reason I can’t find the original track (the 1983 version…not the original 1985 version…confused yet…yes me too) on You Tube, so I’ve plumped for the US Remix…all 7 minutes and 25 seconds of it. Oh… in case you’re under 30 and have no idea who the chuff Stephen Duffy is/was, he was one of the original vocalists with Duran Duran before forming the Lilac Time then hitting paydirt by writing some tracks for Robbie Williams. Informative eh? Who the hell needs Wikipedia…

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