Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top Track # 13 - Vampire Weekend - 'Cousins'

To celebrate the release of Vampire Weekend's second album, 'Contra' on Monday 11th January here's a top track from it, 'Cousins'. Lordy, lordy I love this band and this tune's another instant favourite, blending South African rhythms with a bit of Elvis Costello, a dash of Joe Jackson and some twitchy Foals-ishness. An ace video too, simple but effective. The Weekend are playing Birmingham soon, but it's sold out so tough cookies. Once again you could pay through the nose from some asshole tout on ebay but PLEASE don't give 'em the satisfaction of fleecing you. Buy the album instead, invite your mates round and dance naked in the snow whilst drinking gallons of cheap red wine instead...what? Just me? Oh.

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