Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sage (and onion) Against the Machine

Unless you’ve been living under one of Marilyn Manson’s many hats for the past few weeks you’ll no doubt be aware that someone’s decided they’ve had enough of the X Factor winners getting the Christmas number one and are urging us all to download Rage Against The Machine’s seminal ‘Killing In The Name Of’. I wouldn’t be surprised if Simon Cowell’s behind this little wheeze though. After all, what’s better than getting to number one? Yep, that’s right, getting to number two as well. Who knows, maybe he’s bought the rights to the song…in fact maybe he’s bought the rights to every bloody song ever written or recorded and maybe he’s planning to re-record them all with a whole aircraft hanger full of dreadful wannabe poptarts who’ll be dropped faster than a Tiger Woods sponsorship deal once the public get bored with them (that’ll be January 2nd then). If it can happen, it will happen. Anyway, if nothing else this gives me a reason to post ‘Killing In The Name Of’ which gave me many happy minutes of entertainment whenever the chance to play it in the office cropped up. There’s nothing quite like blasting out the words “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me…”in a business environment you know...

PS: Buy this track if you like (unless the Machiavellian Mr Cowell is actually responsible…). I fear it will make little difference but the band have promised to donate some of the money to real up and coming bands here in the UK, which can’t be a bad thing.

PPS: I don’t know why the X Factor winds me up so much…I really shouldn’t give a toss…but it does. It really does.

PPPS: Yes, I do know’s the cynical manipulation of (seemingly) an entire nation wrapped up as a family friendly talent show that does nothing but dull the mind, suck out the soul and distract millions of people who could be out there supporting real musicians and performers...just to give Cowell and Co another few squillion. The chances are that the poor sod who won will end his days playing local pubs for packets of pork scratchings. What it’s doing to the musical tastes of the younger generation lord alone knows.

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