Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Frame and fortune…

Regular readers will be familiar with my humble photographic efforts. To be honest I don’t put a huge amount of effort in most of the time (which probably explains the results) but hopefully the snaps capture something of the evening. Over the past few months though I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some proper photographers at gigs and, for your delectation and delight, I’ve added links to them in the lists to the left (under Da Snappers). They (Andy aka DRW-Images, Richard aka Shakeypix and Wayne) are often at the gigs that I attend and, on top of being jolly nice chaps, are all excellent photographers too. Enjoy!

PS: You’re quite possibly wondering what a picture of a lizard is doing at the top of this post. Hmmm…me too…but I took it and it looks a damn sight better than most of my efforts, so there we go. Er…and Jim Morrison (of The Doors) was known as the lizard king...there was a band called the Flying Lizards as well. See, my musical blogging integrity remains in tact. Sort of.

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