Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top Tracks # 1 - Camille - Gospel With No Lord

'What are your favourite tracks The Baron?' people never ask me. That's probably because I don't talk to many people, what with the multiple restraining orders and a tendency to start speaking in tongues. No matter. I've kind of fallen out of recommending tracks over the last year or so, mainly because my tastes change on an almost hourly basis...and also because I'm a lazy ass. However, fear not. I do hereby commit (I'm going to regret this aren't I?) to rectify this sorry state of affairs with a semi-regular feature cleverly entitled 'Top Tracks'. Yes...'Top Tracks'. Did you know I used to be a copywriter for a living? Hmmm...wonder why they made me redundant?

First up, and quelle honour, the lovely (and ever so slighty mad) Camille. She's French. She likes to get her ass out on public (or publique as she'd no doubt put it). And she makes some of the most original music...sorry...musique around. Her last album, 2008's Music Hole, was a largely acapella affair featuring my choice cut here 'Gospel With No Lord'. Being an atheist who's rather fond of gospel music (go figure) it's right up my rue. Her 2008 Big Chill performance still rates as one of the best gigs I've ever seen and the video that accompanies this track brings it all back. In fact it's simply tres, tres bonne. Right, that's my knowledge of the French language exhausted. Enjoy...

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