Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Halliwell present Die Son! Die!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for ages but, you know, what with the washing up to do, the return of Deal or No Deal and other sundry distractions too mundane to mention (rocking backwards and forwards, looking for jobs that involve listening to music, eating chocolate and/or drinking Weston’s Old Rosie…surprisingly difficult to come by…and watching bees…damn they’re busy little bastards…that sort of thing) it kind of slipped by. No matter. Miss Halliwell, for the uninitiated, are (in my humble opinion) one of the more original Midlands bands of the moment. The Fall (whom they have already memorably supported) are an obvious touchstone but the band, still in it’s infancy really, are developing their own style of nutzoid indie. Originally a three piece there’s now five of ‘em. The undisputed star of the show is lead singer Miles whose stream of (un) consciousness lyrics (halfway between insanity and genius) are endlessly entertaining. In keeping with their original approach they bravely decided to record their debut album live alongside a DVD of the two performances in question. The result, ‘Die Son! Die!’, is out now in all good / remaining record stores (that’s Swordfish in Temple Street by the way) and the band’s got a couple of screenings coming up. The first is at The Old Wharf on 5th September, the second at The Public (Liability) in West Brom on the 10th. Both shows include some live stuff too and are well recommended. Oooh dammit…I should’ve said ‘Halli-well recommended’. Nuts.


Demented Demon. said...

Their lead singer shall be in charge of our music section for the upcoming magazine 'Strangeways' in the Midlands supported by the Arts Council. Keep an eye out.

The Baron said...

Nice one DD. Let me know when it's out and I'll grab myself a copy.