Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Like a Midi in a candy store...

The beauty of so many releases these days, particularly those from the dancey side of the tracks, is that artists aren’t afraid to mix it up a bit. General Midi’s (a close relative of Corporal Dolby and Lieutenant 5.1 Surround Sound…possibly) Operation Overdrive’s a classic example, coming off more like a compilation than the production of just one man (albeit with a little help from his friends). Take the first couple of tracks for example. Opener, 4 Million Ways could get Dizzee Rascal’s head spinning, then you’ve got the poppier Absinth featuring some naggingly catchy old skool synth pop keyboards in the chorus. ‘I’m like a fat kid in a candy store’ sings Sean Gill on the latter track. You get the impression that Midi feels much the same way when it comes to gathering together the ingredients for his tunes.

What runs throughout the whole album though is the joyful spirit of the dancefloor…these are tracks just made for working up a bit of a sweat (or a lot of a sweat in my case…I’m not as fit as I was back in the day). Of course whilst the strength of an album like this lies in the many influences it takes from all over the shop there’s a flipside too. To my (admittedly music drenched brain) it’s not easy to distinguish one dance orientated artist from another (Milton nods towards Justice territory for instance). It’s not really an issue, this album’s as good as any in the genre (the Whale-like Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe guitar driven ‘Back For More’ is a particular favourite), but there’s room out there for someone to do something truly groundbreaking too and, judging by this release, I reckon Midi’s got the tools to make it happen…

All in all though, a mightily successful Operation.

General Midi’s Operation Overdrive is out on Distinctive on June 29th

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