Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Santogold @ Bar Academy, Birmingham, Monday 26th May 2008

Outside it's raining, but inside it's sang (I think) legends of rap, East 17. And who are we to disagree? Tonight, it was raining outside (what's with the bloody weather eh? I blame the government) and, thanks to the volume of sweaty bodies, it was indeed 'wet'...well moist anyway...inside. No support band (in 20 years of going to gigs I have yet to arrive at the 'right' time) just the main event. For me at least Santogold is another Pig Radio discovery. They've been playing LES Artistes for ages. To be fair it's not really representative of her style. Think more MIA and you'll be on the right lines, banging bass heavy, reggae influenced toons with some more exotic musical twists and turn in the background. Santi raps/sings over the top and was backed by two robotic looking singers/dancers (they were meant to be robotic looking...I'm not dissin 'em or owt). Santi seemed incredibly sweet in real life, far more than her glitter spewing album cover and vocal style hints at, in fact she appeared pretty overwhelmed by the response of a fairly (for Brum at least) enthusiastic crowd. I've not heard all of the album but the tracks I was familiar with (stuff like Creator and LES Artistes) came across really well. Loadsa bounce, strong vocals and plenty of leaning over the barriers to touch the flesh of the fans. It was a pretty short set, but it's all about the quality not the quantity eh? Tonight was (cheesy link alert) pure 24ct Santogold (I did warn you...). Fans of Santogold may want to check out Santi's previous band, the much punkier/ska tinged Stiffed. Good stuff too.

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