Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doll and The Kicks...roll on The Great Escape

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon so what else would I be doing but huddling over a computer in my loft listening to music. There's kind of a method in my madness though. This week's The Great Escape - a 3 day orgy of music in the land of my student days, Brighton. Mind you planning what to go and see and actually seeing what you plan are two completely different things. It's one of those trendy city fests you see, so there are loads of tiny basements and pub backrooms involved. Of course I love the intimate music venues more than life itself, but it does make it a case of pot luck as to whether you get in. One of the bands I'm determined to see are Doll and The Kicks. Lady Baron (who has more time on her hands than me...oh so much time) has been banging on about them for ages, so it would be jolly bad form not to check 'em out. I have and they're really rather lush (I heard a student use that word on a train the other day...hadn't heard it for now everything good is 'lush'). A lush (see, told you I can't stop using that word) mix of Blondie, Kate Bush and No Doubt they're right up my passage (steady on now) and I demand that you make them global megastars or I'll scweam and scweam until I'm sick.

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Mark said...

I'll scweam and scweam with you as well!!!!