Saturday, April 05, 2008

Holy Fuck / Free Blood @ Barfly Birmingham Thursday 3rd April 2008

Gig or Batman loving vampire convention? You decide. Oh, right, that's my job isn't it? Okay, let's examine the facts. First up Brooklyn's male/female duo Free Blood. Although featuring a guitar for the first few tracks, the 'Blood primarily perform to a backing track, and darned funky it was too. Citing such diverse influences as Anita Baker, African Head Charge and Squeeze they're a kind of two headed blues / funk karaoke disco party in your pocket, twisting and contorting across the stage like things possessed. The male half of the duo, John, was the first performer I've seen who physically lept from the stage and dragged the audience to the front. It was a measure of just how damn infectious they are that everyone else followed. There was no blood, but plenty of sweat, especially during that awesome Hot Chip cover. In a word (or two)... Ohhh Positive.

Next up Holy Fuck. Try explaining that to your Ma and Pa. 'Who are you going to see tonight?' 'Holy Fuck!' 'Get to your room boy'. Anyway, the 'Fuck, for the uneducated, are causing a bit of a storm at the mo with their improvised electronic jiggery pokery. Imagine Jean Michelle Jarre having a house party with Justice and the Orb and you won't be too far from the mark. Prog dance if you will (head over to My Space and check out The Pulse for a taste of classic Fuck), with lots of noise noodling featuring a dazzling array of keyboards and bits of old skool tech (including what looked like an old cine film editing block?!). The whole thing's given extra heart and soul thanks to the addition of drums and guitar and, when it all comes together in one glorious noise it does indeed make you say exactly what it says on the tin...Holy Fuck.

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