Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Anomalies are coming back!

Great news. It's the second coming! Fresh from their BBC session The Anomalies (the freshest old skool hip hop this side of anywhere) are heading back to Brum for another cracking Platform Promotions night (check out their other dates...I can heartily recommed the Miss Halliwell gig). PP (that's Platform Promotions for short, 'cos I'm too lazy to write Platform Promotions...bugger...)have moved to The Cross in Moseley. That's a pub by the way. Not a gang of slightly angry people. How the hell could you put on a gig in a bunch of angry people?

Anyway, if you missed The Anomalies last time (they were truly awesome, like a party in your pants...or my, lets not go there), and you've got ears, get down to The Cross on May 9th. Actually, no, scrap that, get tickets beforehand 'cos it sold out last time...head over to the PP MySpace thingy and buy 'em online, all modern like.
PS: Apologies for the shocking picture quality...I was all old skool myself that night...

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