Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yeasayer / Everett Bar Academy Birmingham Wednesday March 5th 2008

After the trauma of getting into the MGMT gig, this was a doddle. As mentioned in my previous dissertation, Yeasayer are one of a holy triumvirate (is that the right word...damned if I know?) that also features MGMT and Vampire Weekend. So the fact that I was able to see two of these in just three days is something of a miracle. Praise be to the god of the Bar Academy...hallowed be thy drinks prices (£3.05 for a glass or red wine...yes, I know, I'm a ponce). Right, first up, local boys Everett, drafted in at the 11th hour to replace Ipso Facto. They seem like a really nice bunch and there's no certainly doubting the muscianship, great keyboards, soaring guitars and meaty drumming. I'm detecting hints of Keane and Coldplay, not my personal tastes, but if you're a fan of either band I'd say you'd love Everett 110%. On the last track they played they went a bit more Ben Folds Five and really kicked in, which I much preferred. Well worth catching live if you're a fan of the anthemic.

On to Yeasayer. For a while I wavered on whether I liked them. Generally when I do that I form a longer term affection for a band and this could well be the case here. Whereas MGMT have a fairly accessible sound, Yeasayer are a lot more...heyyyyayyyahhhhaheyyyyyyayayayayhhayy. You dig? There's a touch of Yothu Yindi in there somewhere. Performance wise, and vocally in places, I was getting a bit of the old Jethro Tulls. There's that fusion thing again. 2080 is a glorious track, especially when the chorus kicks in, it's like summoning up the spirits. Maybe there's a touch of native American in there too? Sunrise is a pure hippy anthem. I'm getting Midnight Oil now. Glorious. I want to strip naked and writhe around in the mud (no change there then). Then there's a vague Scissor Sistery-ness (something that MGMT shares), a disco-y, funky kind of undercurrent. Through all of this lead Yeasayer twists about on the stage like a thing possessed, channelling all these different half expect his head to start rotating at some points. So, do I love the band now? The man from the Hearing Aid he say Yea...sayer.

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