Thursday, March 13, 2008

Duffy Glee Club Birmingham Tuesday March 11th 2008

Bit of a strange one this. I bought the tickets in January on the basis that Duffy was being heralded as the new Dusty (who I love)...Duffy...Dusty...Dusty...Duffy...we get it. Being a contrary bastard I'd decided not to listen to any tracks before the gig and not pay much attention to the whole Duffy thing so I could just judge the performance without any of da hype. Then the Glee Club...or the Duffy management (not sure who was to blame)...go and get on my tits a bit and put me in a duff mood. Why open a live music venue at 7.30pm but not put any form of live music on until 9.40-ish? Is there a shortage of really good local talent who would've loved the chance to play on this bill? Nope. Messrs Glee and Club had also (given the huge demand no doubt) decided to make this a standing gig. The stage ain't really set up for this. If you're at the front and in the middle it's great. If you're at the back you can at least see something, anywhere else it's a wee bit poor. As a sit down venue, as it is normally, it makes more sense. The whole Duffy show is probably better suited to a sit down environment too. Which, after a long 'old man' rant, brings us to the music. The girl can sing. That's for sure. The whole performance was pretty much note perfect. She's certainly got that 60's Motown vibe too. As for the new Dusty Dusty always sounded a little bit edgy, like she'd just knocked back a shot or two and smoked a couple of Camels (don't be silly now), Duffy has more of a sweetness. No bad thing. Tracks like Mercy reminded me more of Carmel, there's a bit of Randy Crawford in there too. I'd love to see her in some dark and dingy jazz club somewhere, really letting her hair down, but I guess those days are long gone. Given that she's got a number 1 single and album, the future looks pretty good. I just hope the media, public and record company give her the room and support to develop long after the hype has died down (cue long rant about how the music biz is eating up artists and spitting them out after one album rather than letting them make dodgy prog rock concept albums before regaining their muse once more).


Anonymous said...

I believe the Glee Club had no control over support act which was booked and paid for by the promoters, SJM. Duffy also made a late appearance because she was requested at short notice to do a performance in London before hand - therefore had no time to soundcheck.. so either cancel the gig, or rush to do both...
Regarding seating/standing.. again, not down to the club itself.. but while those at the front and middle get better views, at least those at the back get better sound.. swings and roundabouts.

The Baron said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for clearing that up. I heareby gladly exonerate the Glee Club. In the spirit of fairness I must say that I've been to some cracking gigs at The Glee Club. Julian Cope, Bobby Conn, Puppini Sisters, BC Camplight, Indigo Moss...all of which were reviewed very favourably on this very site. I just felt that it was a real shame (whoever was to blame) that the live music element of the evening was a little lacking. As to the sitting/standing bit, I can quite understand the economics of it all. Thanks for the comment.