Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PTV3 Birmingham Academy 2 Tuesday 18th September 2007

You missed a treat Birmingham. Artist, inventor of industrial music, founder member of Throbbing Gristle, key player in the birth of of Acid House and general legend Mr Genesis P-Orridge and his new-ish line up of Psychic TV played to no more than about 40 people in what was, admittedly, a criminally underpromoted gig (the tickets only seemed to come on sale three weeks ago with no publicity whatsoever). It's late, I'm still kind of on Vegas time and I'm liable to ramble (never a good thing on a 'school' night) suffice to say that the whole experience was like watching a strange but hauntingly brilliant work of art come to life and mess with your mind, body and soul. Genius...sheer genius.


Pete Ashton said...

What the fucking fucksticks?

This just happened?

And I didn't know about it?


Who the fuck was in charge of promoting this?

The Baron said...

No idea Pete. The whole UK tour seems to be going this way. I overheard the merch girl saying only 30 people turned up in Bristol. Shameful. It was only pure luck that the gig caught my eye in the Academy listings...heads should roll. S/he deserved better!

Pete Ashton said...

Doubly bizarre given the Capsule promoted gig last year was pretty much a sell-out.

The Baron said...

True. I'd rate the band's performance as being even better this time too. It just shows what a good job Capsule and many other local promoters really do.