Sunday, September 30, 2007

Going Deaf For a Fortnight if you think you're hard enough...

Some months ago I foolishly invoked the name of Going Deaf for a Fortnight when I went to four gigs in a row. GDFAF is, for the uninitiated, a 14 day period of time during which you try to go to as many gigs as you can, then post a decent review on your blog (ideally within 24hours). It was invented by blogtopus Pete Ashton in 2005, who you can find here, here, here and quite possibly here...(okay that's only 5 blogs not 8, but blogtopus sounds kind of neat). Anyway, my invocation was quite rightly picked up by Russ L, who, sensible chap that he no doubt is, can just be found here. After assuming Pete's mantle in 2006 he challenged me to go deaf for a fortnight this year and I made some lame ass excuse that 'i'd think about it'. I have... and will probably merely go deaf for a few days here and there (which ain't really the idea). The point of all this? Well, as GDFAF starts soon (6th October) I just wanted to wish all those involved the very best. I think Pete is doing it (?), I know Russ L is and I sincerely hope there's more out there. Even if you, like me, just make it out to a few more gigs than normal, then it's a bloody good thing. Here, for anyone considering it, are a few tips for the fortnight in question...

Saturday 6th - Oxjam Event (including The Gravity Crisis / Untitled Musical Project / The Bourgois Four / Swampmeat) @ The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

Sunday 7th - Heavy Trash @ The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath

Monday 8th - Thomas Dolby @ Academy 2, Birmingham

Tuesday 9th - Foals @ The Barfly, Digbeth

Friday 12th - Kamikaze! @ The Rainbow, Digbeth (4 local bands, £4...including The Others...yes...The Others!)

Tuesday 16th - The Rumble Strips @ Academy 2, Birmingham

Wednesday 17th - Palladium (hey, it's pop...I like pop) @ Bar Academy, Birmingham

Wednesday 17th - oooh a clash...Unsane / Beestung Lips @ The Medicine Bar, Digbeth...not fair Beestung lips win hands down on their own...'cos they're ace.

Friday 19th - Kamikaze! @ The Rainbow, Digbeth (4 local bands...once again £4)

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