Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mr Derry / The Gravity Crisis / Untitled Musical Project / Zebedy Rays Flapper Friday 1st June 2007

Gigs that I go to at the Flapper buses etc etc...after not going to the place for about 3 years I've been there twice in about three weeks. Maybe I'm trying to recreate my mispent youth? Anyway, speaking of youth, the drummer for Zebedy Rays looks mighty young. Dwarfed by his kit in fact. This didn't stop him playing a blinder though. If there was a prize for enrgy tonight the Rays would've walked it. Lead ray Ad, started off in the crowd, beating a drum like his life depended on it, the rest of the band on stage also drummed like men possessed. It was all a bit mariachi to begin with in fact. Musically they settled in to a sort of new wave blues vibe (now there's a genre waiting to be discovede by NME). Only a year old they're an intriguing proposition and well worth checking out live.

Untitled Musical Project, a band that I'd be promising myself I'd see for months, were as much of a slap up the chops as I was expecting. They're the kind of band for whom the word 'cult' was invented. I could almost see myself watching them in 20 years time (obviously I'll be in a wooden box by then, but hopefully Lady Baron will wheel me around to check out the latest sounds...). Uneasy listening for sure, metally (yes, metally) riffs, pounding drums and lots of screaming...and feedback...and blood. Yes, blood. Kieren sliced his finger open on the first track (not literally on the track...although how cool would that that made your fingers bleed?), but manfully played on smearing the red stuff all over his guitar as the set wore on. Beastie Boys. Sabotage. Yes...Untitled Musical Project remind me of the Beastie Boys track Sabotage. Hmmm...maybe just me on that one. Anyway, as a fan of music that rearranges your internal organs like a Hotpoint on full spin, I rather liked UMP. It'll be interesting seeing them in a larger venue at some point...I get the feeling they'd be even better with a bit more room to breathe...and scream...and bleed.

Next up, The Gravity Crisis. Buzzcocks-y vocals with a hard, fast and dirty...oh so dirty...musical heart. The kind of band that make you want to buy a motorbike and drive across America drinking Jack Daniels and snorting Ajax (it cleans the sinuses a treat so I'm told). Ace.

Finally, Mr Derry. They got better and better as the set rolled on. And they were chuffing great to start with. Chunks of country, blues, rock and indie popped into a blender, switched to full on and transformed into a fine musical smoothie. So, four bands, £3 (with a flyer) and yet another brilliantly entertaining night of local music.

It's pretty clear that (as the mainstream press keep pointing out) we're living in a golden era for live music that's partly being fuelled by the wonders of My Space (where every band can do their own marketing, build a loyal fanbase and promote their gigs for nowt). It's just a shame that the charts (what's left of them) are generally full of complete and utter shite, the 'majors' (again, what's left of them) can't afford to sign anyone who makes music that can't translate into a ringtone and the whole music business is going to drown in a sea of forth rate dance acts, novelty records and talent show rejects. That's when it's going to get really interesting...

Personally I'm still in favour of the flat monthly fee, dowload everything you want model. Perhaps bands could charge a bit more for tickets too...just as long as the Government / ebay / the rest of us take out the online touts with a machete.

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