Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glastonbury...some muddy thoughts.

Well, I survived. Glastonbury number 10 well and truly under my belt. Weather wise it was probably the worst. Not as spectacular as Brown Friday (2005), but just as destructive. Aside from odd bursts of sunshine it petty much drizzled/pissed it down for four days. To some it's all part of the fun. I think it depends on how often you've experienced this kind of 'fun'. We got chatting to a real veteran (who'd been going since 1985) whilst sheltering from a particularly nasty downpour. He was pretty pissed off by the whole thing. In fact we concluded that the last really sunny Glasto was 1995. "Why doesn't Eavis move the bloody thing" he moaned. He has a point. Whatever your view of spending four days up to your knackers in mud may be, the plain fact is that it's far nicer sitting on the grass in the sun. Strangely Mr Eavis was quoted in the Glastonbury Daily (the onsite festival 'newspaper') as being sort of glad that it rained so that he could test out the new drainage. Hmmmmm...not really with you there Mr E. Don't get me wrong, I still have a real affection for Glastonbury. To me it's the best festival of its kind in the world. The organisation is mind blowing, many of the acts are amazing (often the ones on the smaller stages), you meet some great people...but why oh why can't we just have a dry one? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh! I guess it all kind of came to a head when our tent finally gave way on Sunday and the water flooded in. Later we spent an hour plodding through the mud in the pouring rain to get to the coach station for 2am. Then we waited for an hour in the pouring rain to get on the coach. Then we spent nearly five hours sitting on the bloody coach in an atmosphere that can only be described as ripe cheese. So, forgive me. A more positive, music related review (yes...there was music too) will follow just as soon as I've got the trench foot out of the way. Peace.


Ken Davidson said...

Why oh why doesn't Mr Eavis spend some of the Glasto cash on some f*cking PROPER PERMANENT TOILETS AND PLUMBING?! This alone would make the experience better, and not spoil the 'roughing it' aspect that so many people love. The scale would be enormous, and would need careful planning so as not to interfere with the 'normal' function of the land. But for pity's sake it's not as if the money (profit) isn't there - we're talking millions of quid but hell, he's got that to hand.
It's a Mr E (geddit? groan...)

The Baron said...

Too true Doc, whilst no one wants to see Worthy Farm become the next Milton Keynes it's all got a bit too big to make do with what are, in places, pretty basic facilities. It's fine when the sun's out, but the last time that happened was over a decade ago. The much publicised 'new drainage' did little to help the situation this year. I dunno, on the one hand you're torn between wanting to keep it 'real', on the other you want people to enjoy it whatever the weather. Hmmmm....maybe a giant dome over the whole site would do it...the last time someone built a big dome that turned out pretty well didn't it? By the way, that 'it's a Mr E' gag is officially the funniest comment ever posted on the 'aid'.