Sunday, February 11, 2007

Listen up...

Time once again dear reader for some random musical tip offs and we start with The Little Ones. If you liked The Spinto Band (Lovers Who Uncover makes me want to start singing Oh Mandy) you'll love The Little Ones. Both groups share that kind of wide eyed innocence and youthful lust for life that would even get Thom York breaking into a smirk.

Less smirksome, but no less exciting, I give you The Bird and the Bee. Anyone who names a track Fucking Boyfriend deserves to be heard but the rest of their material is just as good. Kind of '60's in places, Burt Bacherach meets the Carpenters even (I'm a Broken Heart is pure class), it's (un)easy listening for the 21st century.

Next up, Kate Nash. Currently the subject of a 'is she the new Lily Allen's only been here for five minutes...oh is moving faster than Jade Goody at a Mela' type debate, in truth Kate is painting from a far more diverse box of colours than the lovely Miss A. Caroline's a Victim (electrifying shouty stuff) is a complete contrast to the more Regina Spectorish moments like on Merry Happy for example. Ignore the hype and just enjoy.

Finally, Pull Tiger Tail. Vocally the result of a bizarre scientific cloning experiment between Elvis Costello and Julian Cope and musically a New Wave lovers dream I get the feeling that this is a band that more people have read about than heard...but no more! Mr 100% is like Supergrass' Mansize Rooster with a with a firework up it's arse...(NB: sticking explosives up your rectum -or any other orifice for that matter - is not to be recommended) and is a complete treat for the ears, feet and spleen (poor hardly ever gets much coverage...let's hear it for the spleen, come on let's give the spleen a hand...hmmm, there's a song in there somewhere).

All of the above are about to embark on tours of the UK (The Little Ones backing Tilly and the Wall at the Bar Academy, The Bird and the Bee and Kate Nash at Wolverhampton somewhere - bah humbug - and Pull Tiger Tail at the Barfly). Be there or be...oh fuck it...just be there.


Jeremy said...

Erm should have put this here!
Mr The Baron, just came across this blog. Really enjoyed it.I own Atticus in Bearwood, the old JD's we try and have a diverse music policy via my record collection! Be good to talk to you about music, come in and introduce yourself if you want to. My name is Jez. cheers and keep blogging

The Baron said...

Cheers Jez! Thanks for the positive can be a lonely old game this blogging business. Yep, I'll pop in soon for a chat. I'd noticed JD's changed hands a while back and picked up a flyer for Atticus but haven't been in yet (slack old me!). It looks a great venue. My musical tastes are pretty varied - probably more so than the site gives away...everything from obscure early blues stuff to hardcore punk newcomers Gallows. Anyway, I'm waffling, I do that(as you can probably tell from the site now and then!) hope to see you soon.

The Baron