Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crass Communication / The Hussy's / Adventure Club Birmingham Barfly Tuesday 13th February 2007

Greetings dear readers to the continuing musical adventures of The Baron. Another gig and another strong line up at The Barfly, kicked off in fine style by Adventure Club. Listening to their My Space page as I type this one finger at a time (yes, I can multi-task) they strike me as one of those bands who often sound better live than on record (or whatever magic puts music on t'web). They reminded me a lot of one of the great 'lost' British bands, XTC, together with a side order of Joe Jackson. As a lover of all things New Wave I was in hog heaven. Lead singer Oliver is an impressive frontman too, plenty of theatrical flourishes that make the difference between an appearance and a performance. I can heartily recommend 'Bored of the Things' as a strong taster of their oeuvre (I've always wanted to use the word 'oeuvre' on this site and now I have it looks a little silly...oeuvre...oeuvre...nope, still silly).

Anyhow, on to (for me) the highlight of the evening and The Hussy's (pictured above). My god they're a damn fine band. I don't think they realise how good they are. Every tune (most of which I'd not heard before) is as catchy as a giant spider's web of pop. You can hear the crowds singing along to tunes like Tiger on the main stage at Glasto. Yes, I do think they're that good. Lead singer Fili has the kind of voice and presence that reminded me a little of Cerys Matthews back in the day, musically they're in the great tradition of 70's and 80's pop...being a bit of a musical oddball I even detected a touch of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band (musical heroes of mine) in there somewhere. I'm not sure how long they've been going for but the whole band is as tight as Bernard Matthews at an Hungarian charity ball. Napoleon Dynamite is probably one of my favourite tracks of the last 12 months and has the kind of cool, cult appeal that has US hit written all over it. Bloody good with a capital B...and L...(and that's good). I'm not sure when an album's due but if you don't buy it I will personally visit you all and shout abuse through your letter box until you capitulate (hmmm...that's nearly as bad as ouevre isn't it?).

Right ho. Final band Crass Communication have set the controls straight for the heart of planet prog (via the stars of Muse Major...I'm sorry, I'll stop now). It's an incredibly ambitious sound to aim for and they pulled it off rather well. They've been playing together for just over a year and I'll be intrigued to see how they develop. Personally I really liked the extended instrumental breaks when the whole band gained more of a jammy (in the sense of the word a musical thing you understand...nothing to do with fruit and sugar based products) looseness. The end bit was pretty cool too when the whole band swapped instruments. Nice touch. I purchased a CD too - I know, throwing my cash around like there's no tomorrow...speaking of which...

Next week sees an orgy of gigs not seen since the great gig out of 2001. Four to be exact. In four days. Whoops. Expect a flurry of reviews next weekend...or news of my untimely demise.



Anonymous said...

Are you deaf? The hussy's were AWFUL.
Possibly the worst band I have ever seen live. Weak vocals and wishy washy "heard it all before" indie schmindie tunes.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree ^^ terrible band offer no more than your average pub band. Try some oasis covers or a few arctics numbers, you will never go anywhere with those songs hussys!

Anonymous said...

Didnt rate them, songs were all 90s throwbacks and half of em were over 40

Anonymous said...

i saw the hussy's at the same venue with little man tate. cant believe i wasted money on buying a ticket for them, wouldnt go to see them again if u paid me. although i will definately be going to see the hussy's again...wat a band!