Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pop Levi / Hot Machine Birmingham Bar Academy Monday 29th January 2006

First gig of the year at the Bar Academy...and what a gig. Oh yes. Openers Hot Machine were a new name to me but they were quite brilliant. Ezra Bang (lead singer...possibly not his real name) from Noo Yawk and Lilly Lotus (again possibly not the name on her passport) from Germany are a glorious mish mash of early 80's rap, electro, a bit of funk...hell just have a listen and you - the audience - decide. Unlike 99% of bands these days they actually looked the part too. Ezra sported a pair of tights last seen on the Wicked Witch of the North, nicely offset with a pair of gold trainers and a T-shirt bearing the legend 'CUNT', Lilly wore very little...delish. Anyway, I'm perving again. Oodles of energy and the kind of band that the music press should be raving about. Go see or regret it until the end of time. YOU NEED THIS SHIT IN YOUR LIFE!

Right...headliners Pop Levi had a difficult act to follow, but follow it they did. On record they sound a tight knit, funky, dancey, almost metally (Zeppish at their best in places) kind of band. Live you can multiply all this goodness to the power of GODDAMN THAT'S SOME FINE NOISE. Many of the tracks were expanded into mind melting groove blessed wig outs, with every member of the band added something special (excellent drumming and guitar from all concerned) and, once again, they made a real effort to dress up. I'm fed up to the hind legs with bands who wander on stage dressed like they were popping down to the ALDI (other cheapo supermarkets are available). Pop Levi all look like rock gods. They sound like rock gods...hell, they are ROCK GODS! (I'm using a lot of capital letters here aren't I...that's a good sign).

If Pop Levi don't bestride the world like a musical colossus (one l or two...hmmmm...I'll plump for one...) by the end of the year I will change my name by deedpoll to Mr Why The Chuff Aren't Pop Levi Famous III.

Now that's a gig review.

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