Saturday, January 06, 2007

I see a tall dark stranger...

Okay, I'm normally crap at stuff like this, but hey since when has that got in the way eh? Yes, I'm talking predictions (makes a change from bollocks I suppose). Last year was pretty good musically speaking, so we may be due a fallow one ('cos music is like farming...obviously). The great British public never ceases to amaze me with its obsession with bloody rubbish, so I may be pissing in the wind. Oh for the golden days when the Christmas number 1 wasn't decided by Simon Cowell some time in January. Razorlight? Why? "Oh oh ohhh there's panic in America" Gee, thanks for the insight Mr Borrell. Still, for what it's worth here are a few 'tips for the top'.

NB: Most of this is indie/pop sort of stuff. I have little knowledge of Mexican Death Metal, Ugandan Light Opera or Iraqi Gangster Rap...but if you do, let's hear it.

Ghosts - Garnering a fair bit of press at the moment they remind me a bit of The Blutones in their demos, or that band that did Life in a Northern Town back in the day. Catchy pop with a dash of 80's and a slice of lime.

The Wombats - Moving to New York was one of my tracks (not literally you understand, I'm not a Wombat) of 2006, a driving indie classic with insistant drum and guitar breaks...yeah...and powerful vocals...and stuff. Oh , just go and listen.

The Twang - Obviously destined to be one of the biggest bands of the decade (and they're from Brum, or 'Best Midlands' as the NME have labelled most of the central part of the UK) they have the Stone Roses/happy Monday thing going on but I also keep hearing echoes of Campag Velocet (who were also once tipped for the top just a few years ago but faded like a Comic Relief Red Nose on the front of P reg Nissan Micra). I like the music but I doubt whether I'll be so happy with some of the audience that they're likely to attract now they've gone national...beered up knuckle draggers who want to grope birds and hit people (or vice versa). If there are any of those reading, hello, I don't mean it, I love you really, you're my besht mate...cmon...let's 'ave it!!!

Mika - Think the best of Elton in the 70's, a hint of Devandra, a slice of Robbie and more than a little Freddie...sounds good to me, but then I'm a bit camp.

Uffie - Dirty girl. Electro pervstress who should kick Madge's sad ass off the world's stage so that she can finally give up the day job and induge in her new hobby of collecting babbies...go on Mrs M, they're just like Panini stickers, 1 down only 49 to go. Maybe you could play swapsies with Angelina?

The Rumble Strips - 2007 is all or nothing for The Strips. Their debut album comes out in May (I think) and will hopefully see them achieve the success they deserve...'cos they're lovely.

Blood Red Shoes - Boy/girl double act with a nice line in post punkish drum n'bass (White Stripe stylee).

Los Campesinos! - Difficult to spell but lovely to listen to (ahhh) there are loads of 'em (7 at the last count) and they make a noise a bit like Belle and Sebastian's drunken younger siblings - on speed. You Me Dancing!

Plus ones -

Other names to look out for: The View, The Shins, The Horrors (obvious I know but very entertaining), Hufdis Huld, 1990's and Men Women and Children.

Just remember, you heard it here first! Well...after the BBC, NME, The Times, The Guardian and Ferret Felchers Monthly obviously...

(in case you're wondering where the gig reviews have gone, I haven't been to any 'cos it's cold and wet and there's no one I want to see enough yet...)

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