Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Bowie at Glastonbury

We did 10 Glastonbury's back in the day, thankfully most of them before the whole thing became more corporate and 'trendy'. Yes, it really was possible to wander in to HMV in Brum a few weeks before the event and buy tickets over the counter. Now? Now you have to have 600 computers all set up to try to secure a ticket when they go on sale at 3am on a Sunday morning in October. OCTOBER! That's almost a ruddy year before the event. And don't get me started on the price. But still, we had some fine moments at Glasto and they don't get much finer than watching Bowie live back in 2000 in arguably one of his greatest performances. Apparently only a few tracks were shown on telly at the time but the whole shebang was recorded and it's being shown on BBC 4 this Friday night. I don't remember much of the gig so it'll be nice to see / hear it again but I do recall getting a little emotional over Heroes. Maybe it was the cider, the lack of sleep, the 'erb or just the feeling of being surrounded by lord knows how many thousands of people sharing an experience that you just knew would go down in musical history but watching this clip takes me right back to that moment 18 (18!!!!) years ago.

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