Monday, October 23, 2017

I've vinyl-ly lost it...

Went to a record fair on Saturday for the first time in ages...with predictable results. Bought a couple of bags full of vinyl to add to the mountain of the stuff already spilling out all over Baron Towers. Ahhh well, you can't take it with you. Picked up some mighty fine buys too, including a copy of Zappa's Hot Rats featuring the naggingly addictive Peaches En Regalia. After listening to this track via a laptop or on CD for years the vinyl version's a ruddy revelation.

Snaffled a couple of early Now That's What I Call Music albums (Volumes 2 and 4) for a £1 each too. Being officially old I can remember when Volume 1 came out, apparently this November sees the release of Volume 98. Good grief. Anyway, here's a personal favourite from Volume 2, Matthew Wilder's Break My Stride, altogether now"The road behind was rocky, but now you're feeling cocky...". Is it just me or does he look a little like a lost Chuckle Brother?

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