Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Godhopping

If I had £1 for every band I'd raved about but which failed to get anywhere I'd probably have enough to pay the massive onslaught of taxes coming our way whichever of the lame duck political parties gets in. Lord help us all, what a pitiful shower of shite. Anyway, on to more pleasant things. I dug out a copy of the Dogs Die in Hot Cars over the weekend and spank me sideways if it isn't a lost classic. Formed in Scotland back in 1997 they enjoyed an all too brief period of success in the early noughties before several members left the group and they abandoned the second album at demo stage. Still, we do have the debut and highlight Godhopping, the bastard son of XTC, Talking Heads and Franz Ferdinand. Enjoy.

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