Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Dodgy – You Give Drugs A Bad Name

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Dodgy, we go back a long, long way me and Dodgy. Way, way back in fact to the days they used to play The Hibernian in Stirchley in the early 90s before hitting the big time with a string of absolute pop classics. Music has that incredible power to drag you back to a particular time and place and (cue grainy sepia tinged footage) I only have to hear the opening bars to Staying Out For The Summer and I’m driving along in our old VW Polo in the bright sunshine in 1995 listening to a mixtape (remember them?) on the way to our first Glastonbury (back in the days when you could still buy tickets from HMV in Brum the weekend before...seriously). 

Since then I’ve seen ‘em in various incarnations (lead singer Nigel left for a while but they wisely reunited in 2007) and venues from the big (Glasto) to the not so big (the basement of The Flapper in Brum). I had the very great fortune to bump into the band’s drummer Math at The Great Escape a few years back too and he very kindly popped us on the band’s guestlist for The Cornbury Festival. What a bloody nice bloke. In fact they all seem like bloody nice blokes, supporting charities and good causes without making a big fuss about it all. Most important of all they’re still releasing some rather bostin’ music too like rock(s)tastic new single You Give Drugs A Bad Name. Enjoy!

Dodgy's new album What Are We Fighting For is out in September on Cherry Red Records and you can catch them live at festivals here, there and quite possibly everywhere over the summer. What's that? You want me to stick Staying Out For The Summer on here again? Oh go on then...

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