Thursday, January 21, 2016

Taking the Mic @ The Phoenix, Exeter – Wednesday January 20th 2016

First time at Taking the Mic (see what they did there?), a monthly poetry / singer songwriter / stand up comedy event that seems to be open to all comers, although most of the performers tonight appeared to be regulars. Organised and hosted by the endlessly enthusiastic Tim King and Morwenna Alldis (whose ‘comeback’ poem was one of the highlights) we must’ve whipped through 20 or so performances over a couple of hours (including a heart melting trio of songs from headliner Anna Marie Waite), with most taking a blink and you’ll miss it 5 minute slot. That’s a pretty dizzying whirl of words and there were some wonderful pieces and performances which would take several thousand words (and probably just as many hours knowing my slack ass) to cover, but suffice to say it was a ruddy lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a nippy midweek night. Highly recommended. 

Check out the Taking the Mic Facebook page for details, I'm guessing the next one's sometime in mid February...

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