Wednesday, April 22, 2015

White Town - I'm Giving Up

The slightly older amongst us may remember one of the most remarkable number one singles of the 90s, White Town's Your Woman which, on top of going on to be a hit across Europe and the US, even got Madonna's juices flowing at the time (there was no need for that was there...I do hope you weren't eating). Anyway, the track was produced in the bedroom of Jyoti Mishra and after what is referred to on Wikipedia as a 'troubled working relationship' with EMI he retreated back there again, sporadically releasing stuff on independent labels (hurrah!). Happily (the music biz needs more Jyoti Mishras) he seems to be ramping up the output at the moment and the latest offering is the rather awesome I'm Giving Up which, to my ears at least, seems to cleverly mash up Northern Soul and Indiepop...quite possibly for the first time in history...and I just can't get enough of it right now. Enjoy!

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