Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Miss Halliwell - Shall We?

And so my undying love and respect for Miss Halliwell continues to grow as they simultaneously announce the release of their new vid for Shall We? (off the glorious Abscess Granted EP) and the fact that they've been turned down for a Glastonbury slot. As Miles himself says "Their loss". Wise words. Still, if the 'throw Kanye off the bill' protest carries on perhaps they're still in with a shout?!

Anyway, Shall We? is yet another cracker, imagine if Syd Barrett had grown up in the Black Country and downed pints of bitter instead of necking acid until it came out of his eyeballs this could well have been the result.

Speaking of illegal substances whilst much of the UK (the fools)  may still be ignoring them our chums in Amsterdam have wised up and booked 'em for two dates in June where they'll no doubt be spotted by some big shot record producer and jetted off to LA to record with Pharrell (imagine that eh?). Either that or they'll have some of that space cake that I had back in the noughties and end up naked and painted blue on a train to Bruges...true story...well...almost...


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