Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mutes – No One Is Nowhere

Mutes continues his unique sonic journey with the release of brand new EP, No One Is Nowhere, seven tracks of fragile ambient dream pop beauty. Opening up with the shadowy lo fi guitar of Intro (echoes of The Durutti Column in there perhaps) it’s the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself in and practically guaranteed to soothe even the most troubled of brows. Much of it is instrumental, where there’s a vocal it’s buried deep in the mix like a voice from beyond. Combine this with the beautifully delicate guitar playing and other worldly sounds, most notably on the sublime Horror, and it’s all strangely enchanting.

Hop over to Bandcamp and you can buy the whole shebang together with an exclusive t-shirt designed by the equally talented Lewes Herriot for a mere £7 quid!

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