Thursday, September 11, 2014

Undone - The Bird and the Bee

Hurrah! Indie pop duo The Bird and the Bee are back with a new single (from that dodgy Sex Tape movie). Okay so it came out weeks ago but it takes me time to catch up with stuff these days, too busy laughing at that 'hilarious' Mr Salmond. If the lovely people of Scotland believe a word he says then they'll be well and truly 'Undone' too. Good luck with that. On the plus side at least we'd get rid of Cameron, Clegg and, hopefully, that bloke who looks like a muppet masquerading as the leader of the Labour party...

Anyway, The Bird and the Bee, jolly good stuff. Here's a couple of older classics just in case you'd missed 'em.

PS: You Tube did that linky likey song thing too and pulled up this one. Apparently a number one in the US of A. Funnily enough I'm 'all about the bass' too...that's a diet of sausage rolls and cider for you.

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