Thursday, May 23, 2013

Har Mar Superstar...don't call it a comeback

I love this dude. Whilst I can't remember the name of the band he was supporting (The Datsuns?) I can most certainly recall the first time I saw Har Mar Superstar live. Already balding (this was probably ten years ago?) and on the chunky side he was wearing a cape and (I think) a silk jumpsuit. I'd never heard of him before and I'm guessing no one else had at this gig either. He looked like a comedy act but he was shockingly good, dropping dirty beats on classics like Power Lunch and Baby Do You Like My Clothes. The latter title took on new meaning when he stripped off, performing much of the show in a pair of pants that left very little to the imagination and rubbing his sweaty frame against any willing ladies...there were one or two (like I say he hadn't yet become the sex symbol that he briefly was during his party years). In the intervening time he's released some great stuff and guested on Neon Neon's first album, Stainless Style. Now he's back with more of a soulful and sophisticated track, Lady, You Shot Me, channelling the classic soulsters of the 60s and doing a remarkably good job of it. Needless to say he still can't resist getting his belly out...and why not eh? If you've got it flaunt it.

PS: Here are a few other classic Har Mar moments...

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