Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup 19th February 2013

Hola, time for another completely random mix up of tunes piling up steadily in the old Hearing Aid in-box and first up the winner of oddest video of 2013 (I know it’s only February but you’d have to ingest some serious chemicals to come up with something weirder than this) from Susanne Sundfør. She’s big in Norway dontcha know, I can see why too. Vocally she’s a mix of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and, more recently Lana Del Ray. Musically it’s a beautiful mix of harp, giving way to lush orchestration and sparse electronica. The video might just freak the bejesus out of you though...

Here’s a heart warming tale, well sort of. It is eventually. Charles Bradley spent most of the first 62 years of his life struggling to survive, with a spell on the streets sustained only be New York’s soup kitchens marking his lowest point. A couple of years back he was heard performing a James Brown song in a bar and whisked off to the 21st Century home of soul n’funk, Daptone Records. This new cut is taken from his second long player Victim Of Love. Great stuff. The Godfather would be proud.

While we’re in a Daptone mood here’s a Gospel banger from The Como Mamas. Holy shit that’s some amazing...er...holy shit...

Like great American indie pop? Step right up for TheTorn ACL’s new one then. A little bit of Weezer, a touch of The Decemberists and a dash of punk spunk...love it.    

Right, I’m posting this partially because it’s yet another beautiful tune from The Irrepressibles and partially because You Tube have seen fit to make this video “age restricted” because it features two men kissing. Er...this is 2013 right? Good grief.  

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