Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tonight! The Milk, George Barnett, Phil Gibbs...Daphne & Celeste (I made that last one up...sadly)

Cobblers...meant to flag this gig up a while ago but time seems to be playing tricks on me right now. June already you say? Blimey, how did that happen? The weather doesn't help, keep thinking it's February still.

Anyway, if you're within 100 miles of Birmingham tonight get down to the Hare & Hounds for The Milk, George Barnett and Phil Gibbs. Trust I ever wrong? Well maybe I went a bit overboard with Daphne & Celeste but I still maintain that Ooh Stick You is a misunderstood classic...

Tickets for tonight's gig from our good friends at Birmingham Promoters.

PS: Cop a load at this. Respect due to anyone who stands their ground against this torrent of...well...lord knows what. If this was Kings Of Leon they'd be off if a leaf hit the stage. Bless 'em.


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