Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New Music Roundup Thingy

Time for another whizz through the mighty, mighty inbox of tunes and some rich pickings once again this week, kicking off with Seattle based multi-instrumentalist Anomie Belle (featuring Mr Lif...can't forget Mr Lif). Take a bit of a jazzy laid back hip hop groove add a little Tricky-ish growl and Ms Belle’s slightly deranged fading screen siren delivery and you’ve got an oddball but particularly timely anti-capitalist anthem for the St Paul's crowd. Bonus marks for including the word ‘unconscionable’ in a song. Love it.

Machine’s out on November 14th on Anomie Belle Records

Next up Crystal Fighters Basque Hop belter Champion Sound. Yeah, alright I know this tracks been around for a while now but it’s being re-released with a pretty new video so that’s enough of an excuse for me to stick it up again. If you’ve been lucky enough to see ‘em during the festival season this’ll bring back some mightily happy memories. I have it on good authority that they’re off to record their second album any day now. The soundtrack to Summer 2012 by any chance?

Champion Sound is released 14th November 2011 via Zirkulo/P.I.A.S

Coming off like Eartha Kitts granddaughter Ruby Goe’s Get On It is pretty much the perfect 'getting ready for a Saturday night on the razzle' record. A bit of dubstep, some vocoder, a party, party, party chorus and a neat build to climax with that last swig of Lambrini just before you head out the door. Yes, Lambrini, I'm a classy girl. Actually I'm neither classy nor a girl but what the hell.

Ruby Goe - Get On It by rubygoe

Get On It is out on the 14th November on Goe Music.

This is great. Seriously. Roman Holiday by Fanzine. Slacker pop of the finest order. Scuzzy lo-fi guitars, ever so slightly stoned vocals and the sort of vibe that makes you want to make bongs out of beer cans. Play this to your mates and be instantly at least 86% cooler. At least.

Roman Holiday from Fanzine on Vimeo.

Roman Holiday is out on Fat Possum on 22nd November and the band’s on tour in the good old UK throughout the month.

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