Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Heart Generator – Beatnik Summer

"The Beatnik Summer EP" by Black Heart Generator by Speech Fewapy Records

Grunge punksters Black Heart Generator are back with a brand new EP on Birmingham’s very own Speech Fewapy Records. A collection of scuzzily twisted tales from the dark mind of lead Black Heart, Greg (also seen at various times as Theatre Of The Absurd), it’s a suitable soundtrack to what promises to be an interesting Summer...what with the bankruptcy of half the countries on the planet, rampant inflation and the screwing of an entire generation of young people. Oh well, we might as well all drink, dance and shag ourselves silly then eh? “Debauchery’s on the rise” wails Greg on the EP’s title track wisely acknowledging as much against a frantic post-Pixies workout. Wise words. The whole EP’s an angry, pissed off look at life, love and loss in the 21st century, seething with a combination of righteous indignation and self loathing. Play it loud. Play it often. Play it to your little baby sister and let her know what she’s in for...

The EP’s being launched with a free webcast this Friday evening (8pm-ish). Check out the Speech Fewapy website for details, get a bottle of Jack in and let the good times roll.

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