Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Good The Bad...

'030' by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from 030 on Vimeo.

...but definitely not the ugly if this video's anything to go by. Yep, after resisting the temptation I've finally posted the promo to this Danish surftastic trio's recent single 030. Forgive me. Actually screw that. It's a pretty girl shagging her guitar, I'm sure she had fun. I certainly did...and I was only watching. Maybe she'd had a bad experience with a two timing violin and fancied taking her revenge? I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do with a cello. What's that? Oh the band? The music? Good point. Well it's a potent mix of Link Wray meets the White Stripes...the perfect soundtrack to a Tarantino film featuring lesbian zombie strippers and a cameo from Mr T in fact. I piddy da fool who don watch this video...I piddy da fool...

PS: The Good The Bad seem to name all their tracks after numbers and they don't have a lead singer. They're also just about to release their debut album 'From 001 to 017' which pretty much guarantees anyone who buys a copy some instant street cred and...quite possibly...a night of passion with a musical instrument of their choice. Anyway just watch the video...not at work'll only get fired and you may as well keep your job for another week or two eh?

From 001 to 017 is out on 25th October on Stray Cat Records and you can catch the band live in London over the next three nights. Enjoy.

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