Friday, March 05, 2010

Nightstylers in da house

I’m pretty broad minded when it comes to music (that’s kind of the raison d’etre of this site too...musical snobbery be damned), so I can see the appeal of big, glossy commercial house (the sort of thing that comes bangin’ out of clubs at 3am...just as blokes in cheap white cotton shirts and ladies in...well...very little likewise). Whilst I wouldn’t be seen dead in Coconuts, Slippery Dicks or The Wang Palace (or whatever such places are called these days) I’m not averse to some joyful, hands in the air, dance around in your pants, house. Speaking of which, Nightstylers (a duo consisting of Andrew Galea and Patrick Ruane) seem to be kicking out just that. Galea’s a former producer of The Freestylers (remember Bomfunk MC’s?) so it’s no surprise that new single and, apparently a number 1 in the Upfront Chart, ‘No More Lies’ is as catchy as hell. Featuring a soulful vocal from a young lady called Majuri it’s Euro house-tastic, stuffed full of those big cheap sounding keyboards and build and fall moments that are guaranteed to get the (foam) party started.

No More Lies is out on Wrecked Records on March 22nd...or you can probably hear it in Slippery Dicks right now!

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