Friday, November 13, 2009

The 12 gigs of Christmas…

I’ve had a couple of weeks off the gigging now (just enough time to recover some hearing and basic liver function) but the next few weeks are shaping up to include quite a few tempting offerings. In the spirit of Christmas (you and sharing and all that humbug) here’s my pick of the bunch:

The Sunshine Underground do their indie rock thang @ The Hare & Hounds Monday 16th November in a FREE (yep, there’s my favourite word) gig. Entry by free e-tickets available here…if there are any left that is (see, I builds your hopes up then dashes ‘em down again…naughty Baron).

ChewLips ("they’re the new La Roux you know") and Hearing Aid favourites I Thee Lothario play The Flapper on Tuesday 24th November.

Soweto Kinch plays something called The Hockley Bar and Kitchen on 26th November and…bless my cotton stockings…that’s a freebie too. Tidings of comfort and joy eh?

The Heavy lay down some funky ass shit at The Rainbow on Friday 27th November.

Them Is Me (some blokes out of Reef) and Black Fang rock The Flapper to its very core on 28th November.

Pom Pom wearing fruitcake Paloma Faith freaks out the Academy (in a rescheduled gig) on Thursday 3rd December. It’s sold out so if you want to go tough bananas (either that or you can buy a ticket for £80 off some Scouser on ebay).

The cool as folk Chris Wood brings it on at The All Services Club, Church Road in Moseley on Friday 4th December.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart make some noise at The Academy on Saturday 5th December.

The harmony-tastic Goodnight Lenin come together at The Hare & Hounds on Monday 7th December.

Self appointed ‘God of Fuck’, Mr Marilyn Manson brings his laminated crotch to the Academy on Sunday 13th December.

The Raveonettes rave on at The Hare & Hounds on Thursday 17th December.

And…finally…Santa makes a special guest appearance down your chimney on Thursday 24th December, performing tracks from his latest album ‘Why Don’t You Fuckers Ever Buy Me a Present eh?’.

Ho ho ho.


Russ L said...

We should've had another international Goodfaff fortnight, what with this little lot and more.

Wayne said...

Ha ha! Nice to see you are "back in the saddle" my trusty sidekick.

Oh, also... infamy!!!

Wayne said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Russ,

Aaaah yes, the Goodfaff challenge...I never did get round to that one. Maybe one day. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. Oh laziness thy name art The Baron.

And Wayne, yes, "infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy", I'm open to major modeling agencies by the way. Reasonable rates.

The Baron said...

That anonymous message was from me by the way. Don't know what happened there. I never will understand this technology business.

Anonymous said...

We love the Baron, anyone know any good offers on pastal coloured suits for 6 needed for 24th Nov