Tuesday, March 31, 2009

London, Paris, New York…Birmingham…everyone talk about Frankmusik.

Wonky Popster Frankmusik popped into Brum on his Live and Lost Tour (sponsored by Crackberry) last Sunday. The idea is that poor Frankmusik was dumped in Scotland with £20 in his pocket and just one week to get back to London using only the help of his fans. Kerrrrrazy. Along the way he had to set up and play a series of impromptu gigs too. Brave soul. Amazingly he seems to be on the verge of success and hasn’t (so far) been abducted by someone who collects earwigs and lives with an imaginary friend called Purple Pete. His Brum set was short but very sweet with a piano airing of the lovely 3 Little Words, a Postal Services cover and Better Off As Two (during which he endearingly forgot the words). Despite the Crackberry link it’s a nice story – I’m all in favour of breaking down the barriers between fans and bands – and have mucho respect for anyone who has the balls to risk his or her life at the hands of complete strangers. Oh…great songs too. Altogether now…‘Frank you for the musik…’

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