Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Drumattic developments...

We interrupt this website to bring you a record review... remember that robot in Short Circuit? Johnny 5? I think he has a cousin. A seedy little cousin who hangs around nightclubs picking up Blackberrys and taking them back to his shag pad. That is him at the start of this track ordering us not to be ‘so fuckin’ drumattic’ isn’t it? Yes, the latest Drumattic Twins release 'Don't Be So Drummatic' kicks of with some kind of crazed robot vocals and the sort of strings Alfred Hitchcock would cream himself over, before descending into an electro squelch fest. It’s a ear bashingly catchy track, pulsating with energy and (Johnny 5) alive with the spirit of old skool rave. ‘ave it!

B side (if they have such things nowadays) ‘Sound of the Drum’ keeps up the pace with a lively chappie informing us that’s it’s ‘the sound of the drum that makes you…er…cum’. Indeed it is sir…that and an industrial tube of lube, a 500GB hard drive of European porn and a selection of root vegetables. Third track ‘Under The Lights’ takes a bit longer to get going, but when it does it all goes a bit trippy n’chilled, it’s perfect for the beach, sunsets, large rum n’cokes and those girls who twirl balls on bits of ribbon around their heads. If anyone would like to pay me to go out to one of these beaches just to check this theory out I’d be only to happy to oblige. No? Oh alright then.

‘Don’t Be So Drumattic’ is out on Finger Lickin’ Records on 2nd March 2009.

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