Sunday, January 04, 2009

La Roux-hoo!

Never one to miss out on the old bandwagon, ladies and gentleman I give you one of 2009's great hopes...La Roux! I've been checking out a load of the bands being bigged up this year and La Roux's the first one that, for me at least, really stands out straight away. It's 80's heaven all over again. Bits of Kate Bush, Fuzzbox and Blancmange on current single Quicksand - and a video (tropical birds, sunsets, ladies in lycra stroking themselves and a bit of animal morphing) that would give Rio era Duran Duran a run for their money. Hubba hubba. She's a touring all over the shop this month and next too, including a visit to Birmingham's very own 444 Club at La Rainbow (actually it's just The Rainbow, but I'm getting all French innit) on the 6th February. No excuses. Be there or look very silly when everyone's wearing La Roux t-shirts and headbands in 12 months time. She's just been announced as Lily Allen's support later in the year too, so fame, fortune and the adoration of a million teenage boys and girls...and boys that do girls that do boys etc is guaranteed. Hurrah for the god of all things pop!

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