Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rogue States / This Beautiful Thief / The Likely Lads @ The Rainbow, Monday 8th September 2008

There's something a little bit naughty about Monday night gigs. It's the start of another working week. You're supposed to be all sensible and tucked up in bed by 9pm with a mug of cocoa. But balls to all that. What better way to ease away those post weekend blues than indie-grungesters The Likely Lads. Vocally there's a bit of Kele Bloc Party in there, fused with some nagging post punk chord workouts. Their track 6.03 was the pick of the set and, happily enough, you can listen to a decent version of it on their MySpace jobbie. Full marks to the fans for the mental crowd action at the front by the way (especially the back flips...good work).

Next up This Beautiful Thief (pictured above). And they are too. Beautiful that is. Not thieves. We'll have none of that round here thank you very much. Lead Thief, Oliver, has a cracking voice and, being a Geordie, he's as loveable as a box full of puppies (why are Geordies so nice? Maybe I should move up there...). Anyway, enough regional stereotyping, TBT make finely crafted, grown up pop that's every bit as good as the mighty Maximo Park (just check out Falling Down and Deadhead). Memorable, pounding choruses and loadsa energy made it a great set too. They gave out free CD's as well...that always goes down well with me. You can catch 'em supporting The Levellers this weekend during Artsfest (Sunday...I think they're on around 1pm).

Finally, Rogue States (pictured at the top of this here review...well one of them is anyway). There's a touch of Rufus Wainwright about some of the tracks, strong emotive vocals, keyboards to the fore and melody driven (have a listen to Surrender). On other songs like Let It Out and Pushing The River Uphill they'd give U2 a run for their money, anthemic builds and choruses that are just screaming out to be...well...screamed out. Seems they're attracting label interest too so, who knows, they might get the stadium gigs they're made for.

And so to bed. Mondays...they're the new Fridays you know.

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