Saturday, August 23, 2008

All a-bored?

It's Bank Holiday weekend. Yay! It's probably going to piss it down. Boo! You don't have to go to work/school/The Job Centre for three whole days. Yay! But you've only got £5.36, an old stick of chewing gum and some fluff in your pockets. Boo! Fear not dear friends. Pop yourself down to The Sound Bar (Corporation Street) and for a mere fiver you can attend the Platform Promotions 1st Birthday Alldayer featuring, amongst others, Hearing Aid favourites Old School Tie, 360 and Anyone For Shark? Oh yes. Who knows, offer the bar person (oh how PC am I?) some of your fluff and you may even get a drink (Disclaimer: I am sure that The Sound bar doesn't accept fluff in exchange for drinks, but it's worth a try n'est ce pas?).

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