Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hype Hype Baby

Ever keen to remain at the cutting edge of the global music blogging thingy I've added another widget to go with the stunning video wall and Pig Radio link. It's for The Hype Machine...possibly my favourite music website (apart from this one obviously...this is gold dust eh? Well sawdust then...oh christ...alright...just dust...). For the uninitiated The Hype Machine is an MP3 blog aggregator that's been around for ages. It sends lots of little robots out into the web to listen to all of the MP3's that people with far more time than me upload onto their music blogs and sticks them all on one ruddy great big site. Then you can go onto The Hype Machine, type in the name of your favourite artiste...let's say Chico....and voila, it brings up all of the Chico tracks for you. If you have some sneaky recording software you can then record them and bring down the record industry, rip off artists and generally be a very naughty boy/girl/transexual. Hurrah!

Anyway, this widget thingy is supposed to keep updating itself with the latest tracks that have been uploaded. So when you've had enough of me you can vanish off and listen to all kinds of weird and wonderful shit. Might I suggest you also check out (if you haven't already fallen in love with it) the Hercules & Love Affair track, 'Blind', featuring the lovely Anthony (without the Johnsons), 'Elvis' by These New Puritans is pretty ace too (ace? ace? what am I, 12? Jeez...jeez?...what am I 16? Oh deary me....that's more like it....72).

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