Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kid Sister...oh yes we keepin' it fresh

For those who like their rap this side of Missy E to the L to the...oh get the picture...I have great pleasure in introducing to the UK Chicago's own Kid Sister (actually I may not be introducing her...I have no idea...for all I know she could be number 1 in the only chart that counts...whatever the heck that is nowadays).

Anyway, I likes it, I likes it a lot, in particular 'Control' which is kind of all old skool electro, with smooth nuggets of male vocal and an infectiousness that would have a corpse up and poppin'.

And, on that note, I'm going for a lie down.

1 comment:

thebobbydazzler said...

Good find indeed Barron! I see she's playing Columbus, Ohio very soon. Could be playing the 'big fookin massive' chill